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About Us

THANK YOU for giving us the opportunity to earn your business! We are a local, independent, family-owned, social impact company. We hire locally, take good care of our employees, and always do our absolute best to create the perfect backdrop for your company's 2019 holiday memories!


Below, you'll find an itemized breakdown of the details and pricing associated with each of the holiday lights decor components we discussed during our initial meet-up. As you browse this web page, please keep in mind that we want to find a perfect fit for you! Everything is negotiable! After you finish reviewing everything, please give me a call at 309-431-1736 to discuss the next steps! 


Happy Holidays!! 



Nativity Scene $3000

This heartwarming display will include a custom-built wooden stable with lights attached to illuminate the display at night. Inside the wooden stable, you'll find Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus posed in memorable positions with high-quality facial expressions and detailing. Joseph is the tallest, standing at a cool 39", while Mary kneels to smile at Baby Jesus. These resin-stone figures are coated with outdoor paint for lasting color and durability. Weather-resistant weighting and securing materials will keep this display firmly planted in place. Additional characters are available for an additional $300-800 per piece.




Santa Scene $3400

This fun, interactive display will captivate everyone's inner child, and attract both neighbors and passers-by to drop off their letter to Santa, take a selfie, and tag your business on social media! The centerpiece of this display is a gorgeous, fiberglass and polyresin bench with two adorable reindeer on each end and a red ribbon detail on top. Standing at 3.5' tall and stretching a full 6.5' long, this bench is sturdy and durable. You'll notice something new every time you pass by this display due to its high level of detailing. Scented pinecones will solidify the creation of long-term memories, and bright colors will delight the eye. Artificial snow and lights will create cohesion in the design, and pre-lit 3D characters will delight everyone in both the daytime and the nighttime. These fun characters will surround the bench, and a custom-built sign with a personalized hashtag will encourage social media sharing, which translates to publicity for your agency! For an additional fee, we can provide a playful, costumed Santa to sit at the bench for a full 4-hours, or you can personally don a Santa suit, sit out on the bench, and build a little bit of local lore. Is John Zaiser really Santa Clause? We're not telling! 









Roof Scene $1800

This commercial-grade roof display includes a 40" tall Santa sleigh with two reindeers that appear to be running! This item has been dipped in enamel to provide greater than average protection against rusting. Safety is key with any roof display, so a weighted, custom-fitted frame will firmly attach this display to your business' roof.






The Light Show $5200

Let's win this!! Your light show will be a dazzling, one-of-a-kind, memorable light show that will draw crowds and attract media attention. We invest a significant amount of time and resources into the programming, creation and execution of each light show. We get excited about it, and will actively pursue publicity for your business throughout the 2019 holiday season right along with you. This dynamic light show will incorporate the following components:

- roofline & both sides of your building's front face;

- vertical light strips on the building's front face;

- exterior lights around both windows;

- garland around windows & door wreath; 

- lights around the pole and tall sign near the road;

- projector screen window display; 

- small pine trees near door.




Although every lights show is unique and designed exclusively for your building, here is a video that showcases the emotions we like to elicit and the techniques we have available for use. 





Next steps

As you consider and discuss our design recommendations, you can feel confident that we use only the highest quality materials, the most efficient processes, and on-trend styling to accomplish your company's goals for holiday lighting. After you look everything over, please give us a call at 309-431-1736 to discuss a timeline moving forward.




Schedule today! 

Our first available appointment is Saturday, November 30th. We encourage you to schedule your installation as soon as possible! Our calendar fills up quickly during this time of year. In addition to that, not only will shipping take 2-3 weeks, but we also must spend a considerable amount of time creating your custom pieces and programming the light show. 

We require 100% payment up front in order to schedule your installation. We accept all major credit/debit cards, check, cash, CashApp and Venmo. If, after ordering, you decide to cancel your installation, we will happily refund your payment proportionately related to your display's progress. 






Storage $2000

After the season's over, we'll carefully takedown your decor, clean and inspect each component, then carefully pack it away into a local, climate-controlled storage unit until next season. We will provide you with a detailed inventory list, and strongly encourage you to insure your decor during the off-season, in case of theft or destruction of the storage unit. 

One For One

Although the holidays are a time of wonder, joy and inspiration for some, the holiday season is historically the most dangerous time period for Mackinaw's children. Emotional and physical child abuse, emergency room visits, rates of domestic violence, and incidences of child homelessness all spike sharply in the time period between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day. While we want to decorate your business to generate publicity, attract new customers, and build a positive reputation in town, our main purpose in decorating your business is to help prevent adverse childhood experiences.

Because of your purchase with Jingle Holiday Lights, we will be able to decorate the home of a family who couldn't this year, and cover their December electricity bill. We'd love to partner with you to help a family in Mackinaw who could benefit from your generosity and holiday spirit. 

Next Year's Pricing

If you decide to keep everything "as is" for your 2020 holiday season, the price for installation, takedown, and storage will be approximately $3200.