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About Us

THANK YOU for giving us the opportunity to earn your business! We are a local, independent, family-owned, social impact company. We hire locally, take good care of our employees, and will do our absolute best to create the perfect backdrop for your family's 2019 holiday memories!


Below, you'll find an itemized breakdown of the details and pricing associated with three options for your home's holiday lights decor. As you browse this web page, please keep in mind that we want to find a perfect fit for YOU! Everything is negotiable! We can absolutely find a design and a price point that fits comfortably into your family's aesthetic and holiday budget. After you finish reviewing everything, please give me a call at 309-431-1736 to discuss the next steps! 


Happy Holidays!! 



Ehlers' Custom Package -  $700


Display #1 - Roofline (Front Face) 

 - Blue icicle lighting on upper and lower rooflines 

Display #2 - Softscape Elements

 - Blue & cool white swirl-striped tree foliage

 - Bushes iced with blue nets 

Display #3 - Hardscape Elements

 - Blue & cool white swirl-striped light pole


Here's a similar design from our 2018 season.


Next Steps...

As you consider and discuss our design recommendations, you can feel confident that we use only the highest quality materials, the most efficient processes, and on-trend styling to accomplish your company's goals for holiday lighting. After you look everything over, please give us a call at 309-431-1736 to discuss a timeline moving forward.


Schedule Today! 

Our first available appointment is Saturday, November 30th. We encourage you to schedule your installation as soon as possible! Our calendar fills up quickly during this time of year, and we have a limited number of appointments available. We also spend a considerable amount of time programming the light show, and appreciate as much prep time as we can get. We do occasionally have cancellations, and will contact you if we can schedule your appointment at an earlier date. 

We require 100% payment up front in order to schedule your installation. We accept all major credit/debit cards, check, cash, CashApp and Venmo. If, after ordering, you decide to cancel your installation, that's no problem! We will happily refund your payment proportionately related to any nonreturnable materials that have been purchased and the progress of the light show's programming.



One For One

Although the holidays are a time of wonder, joy and inspiration for some of us, the holiday season is historically the most dangerous time period for Peoria's children. Emotional and physical child abuse, emergency room visits, rates of domestic violence, and incidences of child homelessness all spike sharply in the time period between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day. While we want to decorate your home to inspire warm feelings for your neighbors, create positive holiday memories for your family, and build our positive reputation in town, our main purpose in decorating your business is to help prevent adverse childhood experiences.

Because of your purchase with Jingle Holiday Lights, we will be able to decorate the home of a family who couldn't this year. We'd love to partner with you to help a family in Peoria who could benefit from your generosity and holiday spirit.